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Power Inductor 01

Power inductor role

(1) tuning and frequency selective role: inductor and capacitor in parallel can be composed of LC circuit. The natural oscillation frequency of the circuit f0 and the ac signal frequency f are equal, the loop impedance and capacitive reactance are equal, and the electromagnetic energy is oscillates back and forth between the inductor and capacitor, this is LC circuit resonance phenomenon. When resonance due to the impedance of the circuit with capacitive reactance equivalence and reverse, so the loop impedance of the total current minimum, electric maximum flow (f = f0 ac signal), so the action of the LC resonance circuit can choose frequency, to a certain frequency f communication signal is selected. (2) choke effect: the coil self-induced electromotive force is always against the current in the coil change phase. Mainly can be divided into high frequency and low frequency choke choke coil coil.


Generally in the electronic circuit inductance is hollow coil, or with a magnetic core coil, only through a low current, low voltage, and power inductor has a hollow coil, also has with the core, main characteristic is to use coarse wire winding, affordable dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of Ann.